Persian Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Persian is the epitome of a luxurious, silky, long haired, lap cat and the most popular breed in the world. They are an old breed brought to Europe from Persia (now Iran) in the early 1600s by an Italian merchant.

Persian Appearance: 

Persian cats are cobby, medium sized cats weighing 7-12 pounds (3.2-5.4 kg). They are sturdy cats with short legs and a flat face. One of their main attractions is there long silky hair that comes in almost all colors and patterns. They have many eye colors that are matched with the color of their coat. 

Persians come in two different face types, show or peke-face and traditional or doll face. The peke-face Persian has an extremely flat face that may result in problems breathing. The doll face has a short muzzle, but it is not flat. 

There are a number of health concerns with Persians including breathing issues and a high incidence of polycystic kidney disease.

Persian cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Persian Temperament: 

Persian cats are mellow and love to play occasionally but like to spend most of their time on your lap or adorning your furniture. Because of their short legs ,they are not great jumpers or climbers. They are unlikely to jump onto your kitchen counters or climb your drapes. 

These cats like a mellow and like consistent environment. Their long hair needs regular combing. They are not highly vocal cats. They become strongly attached to their human pets and desire attention, but are not needy or demanding. 

Other: This breed is recognized by all major organizations.
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