OciCat Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Ocicat is a large, spotted, domestic cat that looks like it just came our of the savanna. Despite this, Ocicats are definitely domesticated, loving companions to humans.

Ocicat Appearance: 

The Ocicat cats are large cats weighing 6-15 pounds (2.7-6.8 kg). They are muscular, lithe, athletic cats with spots that gives them their wild appearance. They have a short, tight, shinny coat that comes in 12 different colors. 

The Ocicat is the result of breeding American shorthair, Siamese and Abyssinian cats. One story is that they get their name from the ocelot, a small South American wildcat, because of their similar appearance. The Ocicat has an agouti coat, in which each hair has a number of bands of color. 

Ocicat cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Ocicat Temperament: 

Ocicat cats are highly active, play fetch, love to play with puzzle toys, and will take a walk on leash. This cat will follow you around the house, or sit on your shoulders as you move about the house. They also will jump at the chance to sit in your lap. 

This is a cat that wants a lot of attention. They are vocal cats, but not as vocal as their Siamese cousins.  They get along well with dogs and kids. 

This breed is recognized by all major organizations.
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