Bengal Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Bengal cat is the result of breeding small Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. They have the exotic look of a wild cat and are highly active, but are considered domestic cats if they are at least five generations removed from their wild cat ancestor.

Bengal Appearance: 

The Bengal cat is a medium large cat weighing from 8-16 pounds (3.6-7.2 kg). They look like miniature jungle cats, which is a big part of their appeal. 

Bengals have short, silky coats that are iridescent. Most Bengals have brown and black fur, but may also come a variety of other colors including silver, charcoal, orange and blue. Bengals are most commonly associated with rosetted spots in which a spot of one color is outlined by a second darker color, but they may also have a marbled pattern. 

 Bengals have a lifespan of 10-16 years.

Bengal Temperament: 

Bengals are highly active, intelligent and curious. They are not gentle lap cats that like to lay in the sun and can be ignored.

 Bengals love to play fetch and are will take walks on a leash with their owners. Bengals are also known for playing in water and willingly getting wet. They can entertain themselves for hours when playing with a dripping faucet. 

Other: Bengals were the result of a pediatrician, Dr. Caldwell, who breed Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats to study their genetics. These cats were immune to feline leukemia and Dr. Caldwell hoped his results would provide insights to treat human leukemia.

This breed is recognized by TICA, AFCA, CCA
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