Savannah Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Savannah cat is a cross between domestic cats and the serval, a wildcat from Africa. They are best known for their spots and wild look.

Savannah Appearance: 

Savannah cats are large cats weighing 12-25 pounds (5.4-11.3 kg). They are tall and slender with long bodies, long legs, and huge ears. Their fur is short to medium, with a soft undercoat and a guard layer of coarser hair. Their coat can be spotted coming in black and brown versions. Dark tear drop stains (dark hair) highlight their eyes.

Savannah cats have a lifespan of 10-20 years.

Savannah Temperament: 

Savannah cats are loving toward their family, but can be a bit standoffish to strangers. These cats are moderately active and will greet you at the door, but they will not follow you everywhere. They are excellent jumpers and will remember where you put their toys or food. They are intelligent and can break into cupboards.

It is reputed that Savannah cats can jump 8 feet into the air with ease, so your fence is not likely to be an obstacle for them. These cats love to walk with their owner and can be leash trained. They play fetch and can be clicker trained to do tricks. 

Other: Because these cats are combination of a wildcat with a domestic cat, be sure to check the ownership laws in you country, state, and city. 

This breed is recognized by TICA and CFA.
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