Munchkin Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Munchkin cat is a short legged cat that is the result of a natural mutation. Despite their short legs they are highly active and affectionate cats.

Munchkin Appearance: 

Munchkin cats are medium sized cats weighing 6-9pounds (2.7-4.1kg). These cats have short, slightly bowed legs.In general, their legs are about half as long as a standard cat.  They come in almost all colors and patterns and are outcrossed with any other domestic cats that are not a recognized breed. If an egg has two copies of the short leg gene, the cat dies while in the womb. As a result, breeders do not breed Munchkin cats together. 

Munchkin cats have back legs that are longer than their front legs. They also come in long a short haired versions. There is a controversy about whether these cats have spinal issues like short legged dogs that does not appear to have been resolved. 

Munchkin cats have a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Munchkin Temperament: 

Munchkin cats are affectionate and play well with children. They are generally very active cats and love to jump just like their long legged cousins, but not quite as high due to their short legs. 

Because these cats are outcrossed with a variety of different cats their personalities vary considerably based on the parents.

Munchkin cats are known for stealing and hiding shinny objects, much like magpies. 

Other: This breed is recognized by TICA, AACE, and UFO.
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