Kurilian Bobtail Cat: Facts & Trivia

The Kurilian Bobtail cat is a naturally occurring breed from the Kuril islands of far eastern Russia . These cats are known for their short kinky tails, no two of which are the same, and their excellent hunting skills.

Kurilian Bobtail Appearance

The Kurilian Bobtail are medium to large cats weighing 11-15 pounds (5.0-6.8kg). They are muscular ,slightly cobby cats with longer hind legs than front legs, which makes them excellent jumpers. They are slow to mature taking up to five years to reach their full size. 

The Kurilian Bobtail cat coat is soft, silky and water-resistant and comes in short and semi-long haired versions. Their coat can be solid, tabby, tortoiseshell and comes in a variety of colors.

Their tails have been described as pompoms and are form by two to ten vertebrae that are kinked. 

They have unusually small liters of two or three kittens.

Kurilian Bobtai cats have a lifespan of 15-20 years. 

Kurilian Bobtail Temperament: 

Kurilian Bobtail cats are strong, loving, and active cats. They are excellent hunters and like to play in the water. In their native lands they are known to hunt salmon and even to hunt in packs to take down larger animals. They get along well with children and dogs, but they will see smaller animals and fish as a snack instead of a friend

Kurilian Bobtail cats may attach strongly to one person in the family. They are gentle and loving cats, but prefer to be playing than sitting in a lap. They are very adaptable cats that do fine in new environments, making them great for people who move around or have frequent guests. 

Other: Kurilian Bobtail cats are popular in Russia and Europe, but very rare in North America. 

Kurilian Bobtail cats can trace their history back at least 200 years. 

This breed is recognized not recognized by WCF, FIFe.
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