People describe you as having a regal personality. You are always gracious and never do or say anything controversial. Your manners are impeccable and you cannot understand why people spend their time on petty bickering, gossip, and politics. You are pretty sure the world does or should revolve around you, after all you are a Toyger.


You do not actively engage in business, investing or commerce. Those activities are for peasants. If you are forced to be involved in these activities, due to some unfortunate and clearly unjust circumstance, you are actually a very sly and skillful investor.


Finding romantic relationships comes easily for you, after all you are beautiful since you are a Toyger. Your ideal mate will be successful in business and handle all those annoying details in life. You are pretty sure you should be able to spend your life on beach drinking champagne, getting a nice tan, and perfecting your perfect body. You are most compatible with a Siamese or a Li Hau (Dragon Li) but you should avoid American Bobtails and Norwegian Forest Cats.


You are agile and have surprising strength, but sports have little interest to you except as a social event – ideally a social event that revolves around you and how beautiful you are. After all you are a Toyger.

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