You constantly have friends around and you almost never stop talking. You are outgoing, personable, loving and have almost limitless energy, but you can be dominating, impatient, and bossy. You hate being alone and are a bit of a social climber.


You do well in organizations, especially if you are in charge. Oddly enough you like to have at least one person who has a similar personality in your business. You find investing too slow and boring. Business success comes easily for you.


You are loving and a passionate lover, but the people you love often feel neglected because you are so busy. You also tend to overwhelm every conversation. You are most compatible with a Toyger or a Persian, but you should avoid other Siamese and American Bobtails.


You are lithe, agile and have great endurance. You like team sports and often are the captain of any team you join. You are known for being a ruthless competitor.

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