You are extremely easy to get along with. Everyone feels comfortable with you around. You are carefree to the point of being negligent. You are loyal to a fault.


You do not like to let work get in the way of your life. You do best as an employee in a larger organization. You tend to be a calming influence on any work place and this makes you prized by your employers. As long as you have money for the essentials, you have very little interest in money, investing or business.


You love to cuddle, lie around in bed with your lover and you make your partners feel very loved. The right partner makes you go limp. Often your lovers will play with your beautiful hair for hours. You are most compatible with a Maine Coon Cat or a Cornish Rex, but you should avoid Toygers and Persians.


You enjoy backyard games and sports and are surprisingly good at them, but have no interest in organized or competitive sports. You are strong, but not particularly graceful. You took longer than most to mature as a kid, so your strength and size are surprising to people you grew up with.

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