People describe you as beautiful, graceful, aristocratic and entitled. You are mellow, but easily upset by changes to your environment. You get along well with the right kind of people. You are not particularly talkative, but your close friends and family greatly enjoy your company.


“What’s that” would likely be your response in jest about business. You have no interest in business or a career or any that other nonsense. You will stoop to working, if you absolutely have to, but otherwise you expect to be treated like royalty.


Your beauty attracts many lovers, which you may entertain in your youth, but just seems like a nuisance as you get older. When you find the right match, you will stick fast with that person. You are compatible with a Siamese or a Japanese Bobtail, but you should avoid American Bobtails and Ragamuffins.


You may have played some sports as a child, but you consider them childish. As for the great outdoors, you just consider that sort of talk foolish. Your idea of going to the beach is to be in the penthouse of luxury condo overlooking the beach. If your are feeling particularly ‘outdoorsy’ you open the glass pane windows and allow the ocean breeze to invade your space.

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