Norwegian Forest Cat


You are friendly, outgoing and always have lots of friends around, however you are a little leery of strangers until you get to know them. You have a practical intelligence and great discernment.


Business is a practical issue to you. You are likely to own a simple, small business or be an employee with a lot of independence. Your idea of investing is owning things, like cars, boats, cabins, etc. You are more likely to invest in a vintage sports car or classic boat than own stocks or bonds.


You attract members of the opposite sex easily with your gregarious, outgoing nature. Despite this you are slow to let a lover into your life. Your lover will always have a good time with you, but may complain that you do not spend enough time together alone or that your are not passionate enough. Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are not your thing. You are compatible with a American Bobtail and a Maine Coon, but you should avoid Toygers and Dragon Lis.


You are strong and have incredible grip strength. You do very well at almost any sports your try, but your love is for rock climbing, camping, hiking, and skiing.

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