Maine Coon Cat


People describe you as gentle giant, with incredible common sense. You are gregarious, level headed, practical, and love to play and joke around. Almost nothing can cause you to lose you temper. People love having around, but you also enjoy being out in nature by yourself.


You do well in smaller businesses that you have a controlling interest in, although if your business grows large you still run it with that personal touch of a home town business. You have no use for Wall Street or fancy financial wizardry, which you hold at the same level as a patent medicine salesman.


You are a sturdy, loyal lover and will have practical, down to Earth relationships. You keep your lover warm at night. You will have a long, happy practical marriage. You are most compatible with a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Ragamuffin and should avoid Japanese Bobtails and Cornish Rexes.


You are extremely strong, but hunting, fishing and outdoor activities are what hold your attention. Organized sports seem a little too contrived to you. You cannot understand why anyone would stay inside and watch sports on TV, when they could be in the great outdoors.

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