Japanese Bobtail


If your friends had to choose one word to describe you, it would be lucky. You are easy going to the point of almost appearing oblivious. You are intelligent, caring, and loyal but not clingy. You are very talkative and have soft melodious voice that causes people to seek you out for a conversation.


You are lucky and will do well at almost any business, but you do not have a strong interest in building or running a large organization. You will particularly thrive in the entertainment business. Many Japanese Bobtails are highly successful singers. Ultimately, you are not interested in building a large fortune, because you have so many other interests.


You find romantic partners easily and almost all of them are successful relationships and happy. Even your breakups seem effortless and painless. You are loving and caring and easy to get along with. However if you do have an unsuccessful romance it is likely to be extremely painful. You are most compatible with an Egyptian Mau or a Persian but you should avoid Maine Coons and Ragamuffins.


You are agile and lithe, but competitive sports hold very little interest for you either as a competitor or as a spectator. Only artistic sports like gymnastics, the snowboard halfpipe, and ice skating hold your attention.

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