Egyptian Mau


You are constantly busy, very curious, loyal, and bit of a practical joker. You have life long friends and are well liked, but you are leery of strangers. You are considered to be very animated, but not a drama queen.


You like doing hands on work, whether as an employee or as a business owner. You do well enough at business, but building a large fortune has no interest for you. You find investing too slow and not hands on enough to hold your interest.


It takes you a while, but once you find the right person you are inseparable. Some people think you spend too much time and share too many activities with your spouse. Unlike most people, you actually are quite comfortable having your spouse working with you in your business. You are most compatible with a Japanese Bobtail or an American Bobtail, but you should avoid Dragon Lis and Cornish Rexes.


You are good at any sport you try, however you are not exceptional at any sport. You enjoy all sports, including outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and rock climbing.

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