Dragon Li (Li Hau)


You are affectionate, mellow, and generally quiet. Despite getting along well with people, you are described as a little different. You are very intelligent and this can put off other people.


You do well at business fairly effortlessly, but you have not desire to build a huge business. Technical and scientific businesses appeal to you. Investing also comes fairly easily to you.


You are an affectionate lover, but not particularly passionate. Your mate may feel that you are little distant. They also may complain that you do not talk to them enough. You are compatible with a Toyger or a Japanese Bobtail, however you should avoid Norwegian Forest Cats and American Shorthairs.


You are strong and have incredible agility. You do well at most sports naturally, however excelling at sports does not hold your attention. If you do excel at a sport, most likely you have another equal or greater intellectual passion.

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