Cornish Rex


You are very busy and talkative. You are known for being highly articulate, a little flamboyant and a bit of joker. You are loyal, loving, but not above being a little bit deceptive if necessary.


You are likely to be an actor, salesperson, in the arts, or a highly successful cat burglar. You are more interested in relationships, than finance.


You will have many lovers when you are young, but as you get older you will find the one person who is right for you. You are most compatible with a Ragamuffin or a Dragon Li (Li Hau), but should avoid Maine Coon Cats and Egyptian Maus.


You are okay at sports, but you are more interested in the arts. You are the sort of person that goes to a football (American) game to see the marching band at half time. You enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, but have no interest in fishing or hunting.

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