American Shorthair


People describe you are sturdy, reliable, and even tempered. You are comfortable in your own company, but equal happy to be family and friends. You take things one day at a time.


You will do well as a farmer, rancher, fisherman or in transportation. You have a cool head that serves you well. You shun complex business schemes. As a result, you occasionally miss out on some big opportunities, but you avoid big business and financial disasters.


You are a great, steady, loyal spouse, but not particularly passionate. In order for you to have a successful marriage or long term relationship it is important that you find someone who values these qualities. You are most compatible with an American Bobtail or an Egyptian Mau, but should avoid Dragon Lis and Ragamuffins.


You are good athlete and a hard worker, which means you will excel at any sports your focus on. You enjoy the great outdoors and are an excellent hunter and fisherman. You enjoy being on the water and water sports. You are bit of naturalist, who just enjoys being out in nature.

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