American Bobtail


You are fearless, intelligent, easy going and loyal. You are a bit introverted, and like your alone time. You are a bit aloof, which some people may mistake for being arrogant. You are quiet, but not afraid to state when your opinion when you feel it necessary.


You are entrepreneurial and will do better starting your own business or in a small business than in a large organization. You have an independent streak and willing to strike out on your own ventures that others may deride or ridicule. You are patient and may be a good investor. You will find success in business, but it will not be a straight path.


You have to be careful with romantic relationships. Your easy going manner and loyalty make you an easy target for mates that will take advantage of you. If you can avoid this mistake, you will have successful romantic life punctuated with extremely passionate interludes. You are most compatible with a Norwegian Forest Cat or an American Shorthair, but you should avoid Siamese and Persians.


You are strong, fearless, determined and agile so you will do well in most sports you undertake. However, you may do poorly in team sports, especially if they are dominated by politics. You should also avoid sports that are judged, such as diving and gymnastics.

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