Do Kurilian Bobtail Cats Get Along With Dogs?

 Kurilian Bobtail cats are a natural breed from the Kuril islands in eastern Russia. They willing play in the water and are known to catch salmon in their native lands. If you want to know more about Kurilian Bobtail cats, check out my article Kurilian Bobtail cat: Facts & Trivia

Are Kurilian Bobtail Cats Dog Friendly? 

Korat cats may attach strongly to one person in the family. Despite this they are very friendly with other pets, including dogs, and strangers. Kurilian Bobtail are medium large cats, active, excellent jumpers, and strong. As a result, Kurilian Bobtail cats are capable of handling even fairly aggressive and strong dogs. 

Introducing a Dog to Your Kurilian Bobtail Cat House 

If you are bringing a new dog into your house and already have a Kurilian Bobtail cat, then things will go well unless your puppy is very mean. Your Kurilian Bobtail cat will keep your puppy busy while you are away and adopt your puppy as part of the family. 

For household harmony, it is important to provide both of your pets attention. It is also important to be sure to feed the dog in a different place than your Kurilian Bobtail cat. Also remember that cats should not eat dog food and vice versa. For more on what to feed you cat and why not to feed them dog food, check out my post What Should I Feed My Cat? 

As an example of why you should be sure to feed your cat and dog in separate places. I had a Soft Coated Wheaton terrier who was as docile, floppy, and lovable as could be, but if she felt her food was threatened she transformed into Dr. Jekyll. She hardly had any teeth, so generally it was a lot of bluster but no bite. Unfortunately, I counted on this one time too often and she did actually hurt another bigger but older dog. Causing me much embarrassment and costing me some money also. 

It is important to make sure your Kurilian Bobtail cat has a safe space. A high perch can be an ideal safe place for your Kurilian Bobtail cat where dogs and people cannot follow. If this is not sufficient, a cat door can provide a safe escape where the dog cannot follow. 

Note that if you are introducing an older dog, such as a rescue dog this is a whole different story. Experts have suggested that the people at the shelter can usually tell you if a rescue dog will get along with your Kurilian Bobtail cat. Be realistic about whether an older dog can adjust to a home with your Kurilian Bobtail cat. In general, the older the dog the more likely this situation will not work out. 

Introducing Your Kurilian Bobtail Cat to a Dog 

If you are bringing a Kurilian Bobtail cat into your house that already has a dog, you first need to be realistic about your dog’s temperament. If your dog is highly territorial or aggressive, then it is less likely that your dog and cat will ever get along and worse one of them may get injured. You also may get injured trying to separate them. 

Assuming your dog has the proper temperament, then you should introduce your Kurilian Bobtail cat to your dog slowly. Do not just throw them together. Over time in most houses with a cat and a dog, the two basically ignore each other, but this is unlikely with the highly social Kurilian Bobtail. 

The points stated above about providing attention to both animals, providing a safe place for your Kurilian Bobtail cat, and feeding them in separate spots also apply in this case. 

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like Kurilian Bobtail Cats 

As I was researching this topic, I wondered if there were certain breeds of dogs that don’t get along with cats. Sure enough there are a number of dog breeds that are generally recognized as not doing well with cats. 

In general, the breeds that do not do well with cats are hunting dogs that will see the cat as prey or are highly territorial. For instance, a Whippet is likely to see a cat as prey, much like a rabbit and chase your cat. Whippets are very fast with peak speeds of around 56 kph (35 mph) and also very agile, so your cat is unlikely to be able to outrun a Whippet. 

Here is a list of dog breeds that people say do not get along with cats. 

Manchester Terrier 
Bluetick Coonhound 
Afghan Hound 
Bedlington Terrier 
Standard Schnauzer 
Australian Shepherds 
*Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 
*Golden Retrievers 
*Labrador Retrievers 

* These dogs I found on both the lists of ‘dog breeds that do get along with cats’ and ‘dog breeds that do well with cats’. I am inclined to believe that the Retrievers will actually do well with cats. 

Dog breeds that do particularly well with Kurilian Bobtail cats 

*Golden Retriever 
*Labrador Retriever 
Bichon Frise 
Shetland Sheepdog 
Basset Hound 
Boston Terrier 
*Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
German Shepard 
Cocker Spaniel 

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